Angimed plus

Our devices represent a revolution in the healthcare and sanitation fields, offering numerous advantages over traditional methods:

Vantaggio Finanziario

Economic-Financial Aspect

Angimed devices offer immediate and substantial savings in financial resources. Costs associated with disinfecting instruments such as urinals and bedpans, including water, electricity, dedicated detergents, and equipment maintenance, are significantly reduced. ->

Vantaggio igiene

Sanitation Aspect/Infection Prevention.

Infections resulting from contact with biological fluids are particularly common in hospital environments. Medical and social workers encounter such fluids on a daily basis, making them consistently vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Patients themselves face a risk of infection when using items like bedpans or urinals, which are often simply washed with tap water in hospital bathrooms.

Furthermore, instances of regurgitation or vomiting create situations where medical and social workers have to clean up while attending to the patients, further exposing them to potential infections.

The utilization of Happy Cover disposable devices plays a vital role in preventing contact infections and maintaining hygiene standards within hospitals. By incorporating these disposable devices, hospitals can provide top-notch healthcare.


PLUS Operator comfort

The daily use of Happy Cover devices enhances the work of medical and socio-medical workers by streamlining and expediting care operations, eliminating the need to empty bedpans or urinals and wash them. Instead, they will only need to focus on sealing the disposable bags (using liners, laces, or simply knotting them, depending on the type) and disposing of them as undifferentiated waste or following current regulations.

Having a Happy Cover device readily available will become a straightforward and natural action for the operator, freeing them from time-consuming and laborious tasks.

HAPPY COVER® products are designed to meet the needs of operators present in all hospital departments. We are currently active in the Italian and European markets and are strongly interested in expanding to the global market as well.